City Manager


Jeff Boynton was originally employed by the City of La Mirada in 2001. Prior to his appointment as City Manager in September 2013, he served the City of La Mirada in various capacities including Deputy City Manager, Assistant to the City Manager and Administrative Analyst in the Public Safety Department. Earlier in his career in municipal government, Mr. Boynton held positions with the cities of Cypress and Lakewood.

As Deputy City Manager, Mr. Boynton was involved in administration and budgeting for the City’s Community Development and Public Works Departments. He has also been involved in numerous other City programs including, communications, community improvement projects, economic development, emergency preparedness, intergovernmental relations, legislative affairs, public information, public safety, redevelopment, risk management, and special projects. He also prepared reports for the City Council analyzing the challenges and opportunities facing each of the City’s departments.

Mr. Boynton assisted in the multi-year process with the Citizens’ Task Force on City Finances and Operations. This process led to the approval of Measure I, a one percent transactions and use tax, by more than 66 percent of La Mirada voters in November 2012. Mr. Boynton was also involved in the analysis of the Engineering Needs Assessment and the development of plans and priorities for addressing the City’s infrastructure needs in the future.

Mr. Boynton was instrumental in the development of the City’s Strategic Plan 2015, which set forth six core strategies to serve as the City’s foundation in guiding La Mirada’s future. These strategies are supported by 31 goals and over 100 separate actions to be taken over a several year period.

In response to the national recession, Mr. Boynton was involved in developing a series of Contingency Options Plans that addressed opportunities to reduce municipal expenses and enhance revenues. These actions helped the City navigate through significant economic challenges during the nation’s Great Recession.

He was responsible for coordinating the City’s business outreach efforts for a number of years. These efforts included: establishing the annual La Mirada Business Forum, developing a “Brokers Breakfast” for industrial area realtors; and initiating the “Shop! See! Splash!” campaign to promote shopping locally.

Mr. Boynton represents the City on the Successor Agency Oversight Board in matters related to the dissolution of the La Mirada Redevelopment Agency. He also served as staff liaison to the La Mirada Community Foundation.

Mr. Boynton has a Master of Business Administration (MBA) with a concentration in Finance and a Bachelor of Arts in Public Administration.  Both degrees were received from California State University, Fullerton.