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Learn How to Save La Mirada’s Citrus Trees

Post Date:05/23/2018 11:17 AM

The California Department of Food and Agriculture recently detected Huanglongbing (HLB), an incurable plant disease, in the city of Cerritos. This puts La Mirada and 18 other cities under a citrus tree quarantine.

HLB is not harmful to humans or animals, but it kills citrus trees. The disease is spread by a pest called the Asian Citrus psyllid and it feeds from the tree. Diseased trees produce bitter, hard, and lopsided fruit which eventually dies.

There is no cure for the disease. Once infected, citrus trees must be removed to prevent the disease from spreading in the community. While researchers are looking for a cure to HLB, the best way to protect against the disease is to stop the spread of the pest.

The Citrus Pest & Disease Prevention Program recommends the following actions during the citrus tree quarantine:

  • Do not transport citrus trees out of your local area.
  • Only purchase citrus trees from local, reputable nurseries, and never bring citrus trees or plant cuttings into California from other states or countries.
  • Cooperate with agriculture officials working throughout the state to stop the pest and disease.
  • Inspect citrus trees regularly for signs of the Asian citrus psyllid and HLB.
  • Report symptoms by calling 800-491-1899 and requesting a free inspection by trained agriculture officials.

Visit for more information and photos of the pest and disease.

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