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Youth in Government Students Present Ideas

Post Date:03/02/2017 3:58 PM

The City of La Mirada’s award-winning Youth in Government program completed its 57th year at Tuesday’s City Council meeting. Students from the program presented their proposals for local programs to the City Council and a packed audience.

The students gave two presentations proposing to establish an Innovation Week and creating a Youth Gateway Program. With the Innovation Week, the students reviewed surrounding cities that have similar programs, and suggested a program in    La Mirada be implemented in March to unify the community and celebrate the innovation and creativity of students, businesses and others.

Students also identified the need for providing teens a way to learn life skills outside of the classroom. The Youth Gateway Program would foster a bridge from high school to adult life. Their proposal included creating a workshop series at the Resource Center, focused on basic skills for their future. After each presentation, student staff members answered questions from the Youth in Government City Council members.

The presentations marked the conclusion of the six-month program, which sees La Mirada High School students serving as mock City Council members and staff while learning about local government and participating in the community. In addition to working on their proposals, students participated in City sponsored community events, and met with community groups.

“The students did an outstanding job delivering their presentations on proposed City projects,” says Mayor Steve De Ruse. “This year’s group continued a successful tradition of Youth in Government students serving an active role in the community and offering creative ideas. We appreciate their hard work”.

Previous Youth in Government project proposals that have been successfully implemented include the creation of the La Mirada Community Gymnasium and    Splash! La Mirada Regional Aquatics Center, and enhancements to the La Mirada Library.





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