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Pet Vaccinations and Licensing Clinic

A Pet Vaccination and Licensing Clinic will be held at La Mirada Regional Park on Thursday, March 9 from 6 to 8 p.m. Pet owners will have the opportunity to renew or obtain new animal licenses at the following rates: 

  • Altered Dog                                                    $20
  • Unaltered Dog                                               $60
  • Senior Citizens-owned altered Dog          $7.50
  • Senior Citizens-owned unaltered Dog     $60
  • Altered Cat                                                     $5
  • Unaltered Cat                                                $10

Pet vaccination and microchipping will be available at the following rates:

  • Dog Rabies                                                    $7
  • Cat Rabies                                                     $7
  • Purevax for Cats                     1 year-$20 or 3 years - $48
  • DHPP                                                             $20
  • Bordetella                                                    $15
  • FVRCP                                                            $20
  • FELV                                                               $22
  • AVID Microchips for Cats                          $30
  • AVID Microchips for Dogs                         $30

Other Services

  • Roundworm deworming                          $13   
  • Tapeworm deworming                             $15 - $35 (depending on weight)

Please remember cash or credit card (additional $3 charge for credit card) only will be accepted for all veterinary services. Checks will be accepted for licensing only. Proof of previous Rabies vaccine should be provided by pet owners if they would like to ensure a 3-year Rabies vaccination for their pet as opposed to a 1-year. Valid proof is a Rabies Certificate, License Renewal Notice, or license tag. 

For more information on the Vaccination Clinic or Animal Control, call (562) 902-2334. 


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